Other Operating Expenses

in € millions20172016
Administrative expenses1,3181,307
Selling and transmission expenses479523
Advertising costs427424
Allowances on receivables and non-financial assets192206
Consulting and audit fees177171
Operating taxes85120
Adjustment to carrying amounts on assets held for sale414
Losses on disposals of non-current assets65
Foreign exchange losses16
Sundry operating expenses7796

The item “Administrative expenses” includes, among others, payments recognized as expenses from operating leases of €270 million (previous year: €267 million), associated services and incidental costs of €29 million (previous year: €23 million), and contingent lease payments of €7 million (previous year: €7 million). In addition, this item includes repair and maintenance costs of €195 million (previous year: €188 million) and costs for IT services of €156 million (previous year: €162 million).